Boiling Springs Special Salad

Salads, Soup & Salad
10-02-14 0

mixed greens topped with lightly fried chicken breast, egg, avocado and bacon with poppy seed dressing

$ 14.00

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Pesto Ravioli

cheese ravioli tossed with basil pesto cream, romano cheese and toasted pine nuts with: grilled chicken $22.00 grilled shrimp $25.00 grilled scallops $25.00

Chicken and Crab

oven roasted chicken breast stuffed with spinach, artichokes and cheese topped with lump crab and drizzled with sherry cream

$ 26.00
Oven Roasted Portabella

sear-roasted marinated portabella mushroom with house bruschetta and field greens

$ 10.00


1 East First Street
17007 Boiling Springs